RING AROUND Emmy Adams is desperate to prove she has what it takes to get published. Hungry for material and influenced by her friendship with a Hollywood starlet, not to mention fed-up with campus gender and sexual politics, she becomes recklessly involved with a fraternity and her choices lead to a Senior Memoir no one sees coming. Book & Lyrics by Kate Thomas. Music by Joey Contreras.

  • Tisch New Studio on Broadway Undergraduate Production, Dir. Kent Gash
  • O'Neill NMTC Finalist
  • Steinhardt School of Music Production at Provincetown Playhouse, Dir. John Simpkins
  • Illinois Wesleyan University Workshop, Dir. Scott Susong

FORGET ME NOT - A whale washes ashore in a remote coastal town, and brings a burst of attention back to the struggling community. Unsolved murders, tender relationships, and a media frenzy lead to an explosive reveal that makes us wonder what we would do to keep from being forgotten. Book & Lyrics by Kate Thomas. Music by Joey Contreras. 

  • The Dare Tactic Workshop
  • 29-Hour Equity Reading, Dir. Catie Davis


DIRTY JULY  (3M, 4W) Two American co-eds go out to a popular bar in Tokyo to blow off steam, but by morning, one is found murdered. As agents dig deep into the death of Rainey Mills, they discover her tragedy comes with a twist, and as everyone in her orbit unravels, it is clear nothing is certain and no one is safe. By Kate Thomas.

  • New York Theater Festival SUMMERFEST Workshop in collaboration with Monsterpiece Theater Collective
  • Monster Works New Play Reading Series (WINNER)
  • The Eddy Theatre Digital Subscription Selection
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UNSPOKEN AGREEMENT (2M, 3W) A group of fragile people get together to throw a "Celebration of Life" party for a man who has just committed suicide. 

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SHOOTING JANINE (3W) Two women deal with a dead body while on a botched hunting trip. As they brainstorm what to tell the cops, they make an unexpected discovery that provides them a daring solution.

  • Athena Theatre Company Staged Reading
  • Read Shooting Janine on the New Play Exchange here


ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE  Maxine Michaels and Benny Harwood, a struggling writing team, are on the outs and the only thing to save their musical is a questionable college production in Montana. Can they rise to the occasion and inspire a ragtag group of students, or will they lose their last chance to move forward? Screenplay by Kate Thomas. Soundtrack by Kate Thomas & Joey Contreras.